Sell and negotiate your way to business success

17:00-19:00 | 29 February 2024 | LSBU Business School, London SE1 1AA

You’re invited to join LSBU’s free masterclass taster session where you will actively learn about and discuss:

– Core selling skills

– How to successfully navigate a sales visit

– How to structure negotiations to maximise returns and opportunities for success

So, what does the perfect sales call look like?

Ever wondered what makes a sales call successful? And why some salespeople are more successful than others? Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore as this two-part session hosted by Trevor Lane will reveal all:


You’ll get taken through the key steps in making a successful sales call to help improve your success rate. You’ll receive practical advice on the stages of a sales visit and gain an understanding of how tried and tested theories are used by global organisations.


Every successful sales visit ends with a successful negotiation. One of the keys to success is understanding when the negotiation should start and being confident in your ability to reach an acceptable agreement.

This session sets out a practical framework for you to follow. You’ll be walked through it so you can fully implement and understand each step in your business environment.

This two-part session will be followed by a break-out session and group feedback. Refreshments will be available throughout and the event will round up with crucial time to network with your peers.

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