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A fully funded supply chain management training programme for South London-based businesses and third sector organisations.

BIG Integrate was a new fully-funded programme of support designed to give South London SMEs the knowledge and skills to develop their supply chain management, networks, and strategies.

Effective supply chain innovation significantly improves the bottom line of an organisation by reducing costs, introducing new technology, encouraging employee engagement, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

BIG Integrate supported businesses to nurture stronger and more locally sustainable and serviceable supply chains.

The BIG Integrate programme was split into two phases. The first phase – Supply chain best-practice – consisted of a series of six workshops to help participants understand and create a bespoke supply chain value proposition. The workshops enabled participants to become more efficient, understand their supply chain resilience, develop their brand proposition and pricing strategies and understand all elements of the supply chain.

The second phase – Winning public sector opportunities – included student consultancies to develop participants’ bespoke supply chain value propositions further and apply them in response to real-world opportunities. At the end of this phase, participants had positioned their business in the supply chain in South London.

Programme Case Study

Integrate helps Roast & Ground tap into unexplored supply chains

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