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The programme was designed to help Early Career Researchers (ECR) and postgraduate (PhD) research students to boost their entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking and connect with industry experts and business owners.

This programme provided the skills and training needed to help turn academic knowledge into innovation and collaboration that can be applied to business. It targeted the development of skills, knowledge, and training that South London needs for growth and development.

Through the Postgraduate Researchers (PGR) Internship, we matched the skills of research students with the needs of local businesses. It helped to bring academia and industry closer together by focusing on the skills and competencies that drive innovation and creative exchange, connecting students with businesses more effectively, enabling us to make academic research more relevant to the local business environment and fostering better collaboration between the two.

“This is the kind of training we need to understand how our PhD is transactional in the employment industry”

– Delegate, June 2023

We ran two workshop training days (one face-to-face and the other online). During the training, students took part in specific training that helped transform academic expertise into employable skills for industry.

We hosted a Showcase evening where students could display their developed CVs to a range of businesses in South London. Student and business were then paired up, allowing a two-day business internship experience.

The programme covered four key areas:

  • Communication and Networking
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management and Analysis
  • CV builder – Academic to Enterprise

“I learnt a lot – the design thinking blew my mind! The course exceeded my expectations, and I enjoyed the group activities.”

 – Delegate, June 2023

Check out some of the highlights from the PGR Internship Showcase event

For the PGRs, this impromptu job interview helped sharpen their communication skills and gain an appreciation for conversing with an audience beyond their disciplinary expertise.

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