Digital health & wellbeing: access specialist expertise

Expertise from LSBU’s Schools of Engineering and Applied Sciences

On the engineering/computer science side, expertise includes:

  • Mobile Health Applications in mental health, wellbeing, healthy ageing, and illness prevention.
  • Wearable healthcare technology.
  • ‘Making hardware work with software’ – system integration.
  • Requirements elicitation.
  • Technical review.
  • Testing (user testing, security testing, accessibility testing, etc.)
  • System design.
  • Training (depending on the needs of the client.)
  • Electronics, sensors, and microcontrollers.
  • Measurements and data analysis.

On the Applied Science side, expertise includes:

  • Improving access for less advantaged groups.
  • ‘Safer neighbourhoods’.
  • Legislation and compliance, covering a wide range of topics (improving access for individuals eg to health, social support etc.)
  • Ethics checklists and road maps to focus on support around suggested areas; experience type surveys, literature reviews, process reviews, secondary data analysis, and business best practices.
  • Looking at small focus groups, with the view of not potentially going into small trials.
  • Underdeveloped and underfunded areas such as mental health support with a focus on human resources and OHS, standard practices for businesses to include/factor.
  • Virtual Reality.

Additionally, this programme works with five partner organisations to deliver one-to-one support across:

  • Medical device regulations.
  • Business models in digital health.
  • Efficacy and safety of health technology products.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Preparing to raise funds.
  • Understanding how to access the NHS.

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